Are Women treated equally in modern day America?

Do women receive equal treatment in wages? Benefits? Opportunities? Write a thesis and offer three factual points you could defend with evidence.

I.E. Women do not receive the same opportunities as men in the workplace based on….. (3 facts)

Submit on this blog site with last name and class period (Greco 1)

Debate Prep

Answer the following questions in this format.

  • Take a side. What are you going to “resolve” (no middle stance)
  • Create a Thesis: For example: The Gettysburg Address is the greatest document of modern history based on reason one, reason two, and reason three.
  • Post your Thesis and reasons on the comments section of this blog.


Is global warming a threat to global security?

How many continents are there?

Is it beneficial to the US economy outsource jobs?

Do the cost outweigh the benefits of deforestation of the rainforest?

Second Activity

Respond to any students answers by making a statement for/or against only one of their thesis responses.